Buy Target Items Directly off from Magazines and Ads via New Image-Recognition App

On July 21, 2014, Target Corp. announced the introduction of In a Snap, a new image-recognition app aimed at students. The iPhone app enables students and families to quickly scan, select and buy items featured on Target’s new back-to-college catalog with just a few clicks. In a Snap can be downloaded free from the Apple App Store.

Beginning this month, the app will recognize images for Target's Room Essentials products in 10 home-decor magazines. A user has to simply scan an image, and when it is recognized by the app, the item is added to a shopping cart for potential purchase.

  • The new app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod.
  • It enables users to easily shop for Target items directly from the pages of magazines and printed ads – without having to scan confusing codes, look up links or search for products online or in store.
  • Using the camera on the user’s mobile device, In a Snap recognizes select ads and makes a snap sound to let the user know when it’s ready.
  • It then shows the user additional information about each product in the ad, making the products easy to immediately buy or consider buying later.

In a Snap was conceived by Target’s marketing team and built in concert with Target’s Rapid Accelerated Development (RAD) technology team, stated a Target blog post. Depending on guest feedback and results from initial tests, Target will consider using In a Snap with more ad campaigns in the future. So our bet is you should be on the lookout for the app’s snappy logo coming your way soon!