Buy a Turkey at Walmart through Bitcoins

Bitcoin enthusiasts would love the fact that their Bitcoins can now let them pay for groceries at Walmart stores. Thanks to eGifter, this is now a reality.

eGifter recently added Walmart as one of its partners. This partnership means that Walmart accepts eGifter’s gift cards to pay for goods at the Walmart’s store in USA.

On 17th October, 2013 one of eGifter’s employees chose Reddit’s forum to make an announcement about the partnership between Walmart and eGifter. The post read You guys asked us for more ways to turn your Bitcoin into real world purchases - especially groceries - so today we added Walmart as one of our 100+ brands. Buy Walmart Gift Cards for yourself, or as a gift for a friend.

Don't forget to tell us what other gift cards you'd like to be able to buy with Bitcoin at eGifter!

eGifter, a gift card provider started accepting Bitcoins since October, 2013. This may have opened up additional purchasing options for Bitcoin users. eGifter has tie ups with over 100 retail outlets which include brands like CVS pharmacy, Barnes & Nobles, Home Depot, etc. eGifter uses Coinbase to act as a medium to process Bitcoin based transactions.

Bitcoin users can also use Walmart’s gift cards as a payment option at Sam’s Club which is a subsidiary of Walmart. Such an initiative could help Bitcoin to go main stream and answer the naysayers of Bitcoins capabilities to make purchases in the offline world.

Bitcoin users can also buy gift cards or vouchers from eGifter and gift them to a recipient. A recipient needs to either print a coupon number or display it on a smartphone through eGifter’s app.

LTP View: Earlier, Bitcoins were mostly seen as a virtual currency which could buy you some items online. With this latest development, payments through Bitcoins may have the potential to go mainstream. Though the Senate is not supportive of Bitcoins, it will be interesting to see how the masses adopt Bitcoins. If the popularity and the usage of Bitcoins goes exponential, it will be interesting to see how this could affect the usage of US Dollar.