Bye Bye Taxi Surge Pricing: Verifone Launches the New E-Hail App

Verifone, a leading technology provider for electronic payment transactions and value-added services at point of sale (POS), today announced the addition of the hailing option inside its award winning taxi mobile app, Way2ride. The ‘Hail’ option inside the app will now allow people to find a cab in New York easily. Moreover, there’s no surge pricing in Way2ride. The passengers have to pay only what the meter says and a nominal flat fee charged by Verifone. Verifone’s new e-hail app is specially made for those days when it is raining or snowing or during late nights when it is difficult to hail a cab on the streets of New York. Moreover, it is well known that hailing a cab in New York City is particularly difficult. Way2ride will make it easy for passengers to hail a cab, because more than 70% of green cabs are already Verifone’s clients.

According to Verifone’s recent press release, the new ‘Hail’ option was piloted in February 2015 and it gave riders a access to over 14,000 yellow taxis and green cabs. This pilot featured driver training, app usability and market research to deliver the best experience to New Yorkers. Way2ride app was originally launched in September 2013, exactly two years ago. Initially, the Way2ride app allowed a passenger to make the payment via their smartphones by simply tapping the phone against the payment screen. This technology is enabled by a patented sound-based technology, Zoosh that allows secure transmission of payment information through the cloud. Now Way2ride will also let passengers hail or order a cab.

Amos Tamam, Senior Vice President, Global Taxi Systems for Verifone said, Traditional taxis are safe, reliable, and the heart and soul of New York City transportation. Verifone is committed to delivering the security and innovation that passengers, drivers and medallion owners need to enjoy the best experience imaginable. Demand for this groundbreaking technology has been amazing, which is why we decided to be the first to deliver e-hail for taxis in New York.

Way2ride has now been launched formally this week in New York City and Philadelphia. According to Verifone, more than 1,400 of the 1,600 licensed taxis in Philadelphia are equipped with Verifone payments systems for credit cards acceptance. And now these taxis are ready for the new Way2ride app too. The new Way2ride hailing app will be out soon in Boston, Miami, Washington, DC, and Las Vegas, and will launch in all U.S. Verifone markets in 2016.

How to use Way2ride?

Way2ride is available on both iPhone and Android phones and it can be downloaded now on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. To hail a cab, all you have to do it open the app, tap the ‘Hail’ button and confirm your pickup location. The payment is completed automatically once the ride is over. The tip is optional and depends completely on the passenger. 100% of the tip goes to the driver.

About Verifone:

Founded in Hawaii and headquartered in San Jose, California, Verifone was the first company to introduce credit card terminals to taximeters, launch digital entertainment and digital advertising inside the taxi, launch geo-targeted digital advertising outside the taxi and develop the first taxi payment solution app, Way2ride. Verifone has been a global leader in payments and commerce solutions. Verifone was the first to enable the passengers to pay via American Express Rewards Points, Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Its technology has also enabled riders to pay via PayPal.