Calculate the ROI on your advertising spend using Pushpoint

Local businesses are going to spend $25 B in 2013 on digital advertising with little to no insight on what is working for them at checkout. By combining sales data and marketing data to calculate ROI, PushPoint helps solve this problem to small businesses on how advertising is aiding their business.

Pushpoint was founded in September 2009 by Greg McAllister (CEO). The company has received seed funding of $1.35 Mn. Pushpoint has access to billions of hyperlocal advertisements and can reach 95% of US smartphone users with no application install, no opt-ins and no bottlenecks.

Pushpoint has a digital marketing platform that utilizes location based targetting to drive foot traffic and in store sales. The company has partnered with Capital one to bring these features to their small business customers. Pushpoint is taking sophisticated tools available to only 20% of retailers, and making them easy to use and accessible.

Some features of PushPoint:

  • Pushpoint’s application can be used to choose from templates that help define promotion landing page and the offer details.
  • All the changes can be made in the UI and the changes can be seen in real time.
  • The user can then finalize the promotion and link it to an advertisement.
  • The ad creative can be modified in real time as well like the images etc. making it possible for selfservice ad creation which is effective and easy.
  • The user can finalize the ad and link it to a campaign. The user also has the choice to either reach existing customers or to reach new customers.
  • Existing customer can be reached through Facebook fan page post or email. New customers can be reached through paid campaigns such as location based campaigns which allow to define location based criteria like start and end date, date and time of delivery , campaign & daily budgets etc.

The real power of the system is in hyper local targeting i.e the user can change the geofence in real time and through the integration with local and global mobile app exchanges the application allows to forecast the range of reach to consumers. The user can then use multiple channels like sms, email , page social etc all to drive traffic to the promotion landing page.

What does this means with the CapitalOne SPARK platform which has the Pushpoint system integrated for a small busiiness owners and integrated to their point of sale system? It allows mechants to use credit cards anywhere with a phone or tablet. It is a full featured Point of Sale system and it is an open API platform. It allows to combine the partner services and combine it with the merchants payment data into one powerful dashboard. The merchants can manage their items, sync their inventory with online market places, view reports and analytics and access powerful marketing tools.

By using anonymous bank transaction data, the merchant can identify simply and visually where customers are shopping at stores similar to the merchants and this helps him optimize his promotions and ad campaigns within seconds using his SmartPay application.

The sale data is then directly fed to the ad data to calculate the ROI in real time all made possible through the simple SmartPay application. For consumers already in the store, Pushpoint integrates with the Beacon technology on iOS and android devices to send real time offers to consumer apps and mobile wallets. Customer acquisitions near the store for consumers without any app installed and in store customer engagements using mobile apps or mobile wallets, is made possible by Pushpoint.

PushPoint says that the partnership with CapitalOne has made possible powerful tools, Integrated redemption and access to all markets possible in one unified system. Pushpoint is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Los Angeles and New York City.