Calling all Entrepreneurs: Share Your Story on LTP - Inspire to Innovate!

Whether you are a founder of a startup or an innovator in a large company, especially if you like to build, create, go beyond the mundane and aspire to dream big and go for it, you are an entrepreneur! LTP readers love enriching stories of achievement, innovation and commitment - anything that would inspire them to build their own companies or their careers and contribute to the industry’s collective growth.

Just as LTP started as a Sunday afternoon hobby in 2013 to now become the premier destination of payments and commerce insights globally, many of you have experienced memorable journeys along the path to wherever you are today.

Share your story with us, no matter what stage your company is in. Not only will you inspire the rest of the LTP audience, you might just appreciate your own journey, and your goals and objectives a little better when you put pen to paper.

Typical My Story submissions are at least 1000 words long, and are written in an easy, informal tone. The LTP Editor will review it to ensure basic journalistic and copy guidelines, and you will also be invited to engage further in LTP initiatives as we continue to grow the platform.

Send your story to to get started.