Can Apple Watch Become the Primary Platform to Rescue Apple Pay from Its Adoption Woes?

In the last year, three technology giants Apple, Samsung, and Google have all launched their own mobile payment solutions. All of these solutions work similarly, allowing customers to hold their devices up to the payment terminals in the stores instead of swiping a card. Contactless payments were predicted to spread like an epidemic as they are easy to use, they're secure, and they work really well.

However, despite high market adoption expectations, Apple's Apple Pay doesn't seem to be used much among Apple devices owners. Sorry, Tim Cook, 2015 hasn’t exactly been the year of Apple Pay.

A study conducted by anti-fraud startup Trustev on 1000 US-based owners of modern iPhones (models 6 or 6+) indicated that 79% of iPhone 6 or 6+ users have never used Apple Pay at all and 21% of users have tried the service once or more.

Trustev broke down the usage patterns for the 21% that used Apple Pay. Among the people who have tried it out, 56% report that they only use it once during the week, and 15.3% say they "never" use it during the week.

The numbers are even lower for Samsung Pay and Android Pay as reported by Trustev. Only 14% of people who have the Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6 have ever used Samsung Pay or Android Pay. Of those people who have, only 36.17% use it once in the week and 38.3% report they "never" use it. One of the reasons for low Samsung Pay adoption rates may be its very recent launch and the fact that mobile paym ...

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