Can Rapid Innovation Adoption and Data Privacy Co-Exist?

A data-driven approach to decision-making and evaluation of opportunities has well-served businesses since advanced data analytics solutions invaded national markets. But when it comes to hazardous consequences of data access by improper parties, the question of balance between open gates for innovation adoption and personal security becomes especially critical.

It's difficult to be definitive in the matter, but it appears that innovation adoption (in the US especially) fed largely on diminishing data privacy borders. In that regard, US is one of the most ‘progressive’ markets in terms of data transparency and data back-and-forth among parties – banks, the startup community, large technology companies, telcos, e-commerce and social media companies.

Whether it can be considered as something progressive at all, in the US, data privacy became a unicorn – it's a mythical creature everyone is looking to protect to a reasonable extent in Silicon Valley and beyond. And while the actual mythical creature never existed,

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