Can turnaround time and bad customer experience be things of the past?

Let’s walk you through a situation where things could go completely wrong for you in a restaurant. You walk in into your favorite restaurant and queue up to find a spot. After several minutes you do get a chance to be seated and take your place. You notice that the waiter is busy serving other customers, this wait time brings down your customer experience. Imagine if your order is late and to add to it you have been wrongly served of the items which were not part of your initial order. Your customer experience has just gone from bad to worse. To top it all, at the time of bill payment your credit card payment is not going through. If this does happen to you or me, I doubt if the word favorite may still be attached to our preferred restaurant.

The trend these days in the business world is to take up a bad situation and capitalize on it to make fast bucks. One of the companies in the mPOS (Mobile Point-of-Sale) space has come up with an innovation that could completely change a user’s dining experience.

Prelag Partners LLC in UK, have recently introduced unique mPOS software which reduces turnaround time, maximizes staff efficiency and improves customer experience through a smartphone.

Reservation based problems are being solved by a simple text based system. Through a text (SMS) a user is notified on the estimated wait time and is updated when a spot is available. Through an internet connection, servers can take an order irrespective of their location in the restaurant. The order placed is flashed on the kitchen display unit educating the chefs about your preference and the time of the order. The order details are taken off only after the food is delivered. Users need not use their credit cards to make bill payments as the payments will be made through smartphones.

Restaurants in Bangalore, India have already introduced such system and are seeing an increase in customer experience which is improving their customer retention factor. One such restaurant is Banjara in Bangalore, though people may not have positive reviews on the food served but they certainly positive on the service time being cut down.

LTP View: mPOS is growing and soon changing the way we make payments. There are restaurants that have started capitalizing on what an mPOS system has to offer. Restaurants will need to couple mPOS with mobile based loyalty system to improve customer experience and retention. We foresee a time where such futuristic restaurants will fill up our neighborhood and bad customer experiences will be a thing of the past.