CARDFREE, fully integrated mobile merchant platform, with funding of $10 M

CARDFREE promises to deploy a one stop solution to mobilize and enhance the customer experience for maximum ROI. It not only provides complete integrated solutions for merchants from mobile and online through POS, it also deploys data analytics so as to do smarter targeting of customer and thereby helping the merchants in return. Adding to it, is their white label strategy which puts CARDFREE at the backend and the merchant at the forefront thereby increasing its presence among the minds and psychology of the customer. Now what happens is, in such case merchants are able to garner greater revenues and CARDFREE fetches more customers in form of merchants.

The strength of the idea is such that it had been able to fetch a total funding of $10mn in the initial phase of the development of the project. CARDFREE combines merchant solutions, personalized offers and promotions, mobile payments, loyalty, order ahead and social media engagement. It has positioned itself in the market as merchant-centric mobile solution. It drives incremental visits of the customers, larger ticket size, tender preference and hence more meaningful engagement of the customer with the merchant.

If Paymill is capitalizing on time involved in making of payments, Clutch has removed the need for physical cards and removing the limit on number of cards that can be integrated into the payment system, Kuapay with its aim of enabling customers to make payment at any POS which is kuapay enabled; CARDFREE is making sure that it doesn’t leave any stone unturned. The prime motivator behind mobile payment network is to make sure that tomorrow when the public/customer opens up completely to the digital world, there are companies ready with their system to pounce upon the opportunity.

CARDFREE has its core competencies in Data Analytics, where in it captures the data for the merchant, provides competitive intelligence and helps identifying the trending pattern. Secondly it has improvised upon the Payment Solutions, where it provides a top-up facility able to conform with any POS standards, and gives leverage to customer to choose anything between mobile, online or social media. Then it capitalizes upon the Loyalty, where customer engagement is augmented via social media, mobilize current loyalty programs so as to increase customer retention. Importantly, it has given special heed to the customer experience by working on the way customer Orders. CARDFREE uses Geo Location, ability to release orders based on customer’s proximity to the store. It also provides facility to view the menu and item information and check in via mobile. Lastly it makes sure that offers and promotions reach the customer on time keeping in view the customer behavior and his/her preferences.