CardinalCommerce Partners with Bitnet to Help Merchants Accept Bitcoin Without Risk

CardinalCommerce, a leading player and pioneer in the remote payments industry, and Bitnet, one of the world's leading digital commerce platforms, have joined forces to offer merchants the ability to accept online payments using bitcoin, effective immediately.

Bitnet’s platform offers merchants security, reliability, scalability and flexibility, delivering a seamless experience for both consumers paying with bitcoin and merchants accepting bitcoin transactions. Bitnet’s integration with Cardinal allows merchants to accept payments from anyone, anywhere, with instant global reach and no cross-border fees. Merchants can display the prices of their goods in any of 60 major world currencies, accept bitcoin as payment, and receive funds in their local currency without ever needing to handle bitcoin themselves. Merchants also eliminate all payment risk – there are no chargebacks with bitcoin, ever. Transaction fees are also lower than with other methods of payment. With Bitnet’s platform, merchants enjoy all the advantages of accepting bitcoin while never having to deal with any of the digital currency’s complexities.

With Cardinal’s Bitnet integration, accepting bitcoin is quick and easy. One Connection to Cardinal’s patented platform allows merchants to accept payments from dozens of digital wallets and alternative payment brands. Another major benefit is that Cardinal handles all program updates. Once a merchant is using Cardinal, any maintenance, updates and version changes the wallets or payment brands make are managed by Cardinal and require no additional IT resources.

Cardinal is thrilled to be able to offer our merchants the ability to accept bitcoin through our newest payment brand partner, Bitnet. Their many combined years of payment industry experience makes them the best choice for Cardinal and our merchants who want to offer bitcoin as an alternative way for their Customers to buy. The many benefits of bitcoin make it a win-win for merchants and Customers around the globe!, said Alasdair Rambaud, Cardinal’s SVP of Merchant Services, in an official press release.

Bitcoin has turned the global Internet into a secure, seamless payment network - likely the most significant leap forward in FinTech history. We are honored to be partnering with CardinalCommerce to deliver the tremendous benefits of bitcoin to merchants." said John McDonnell, co-founder and CEO, Bitnet, in an official press release. "Cardinal is the 'go-to' provider for cutting edge payments solutions, so it is no surprise that our friends at Cardinal are as excited as we are at Bitnet to help merchants eliminate fraud while reducing processing costs through bitcoin acceptance.