CareCredit Launches Digital Card Technology for Cardholders & Providers

As part of its ongoing commitment to offer leading digital solutions to customers and providers, CareCredit from Synchrony Financial, recently introduced its innovative digital card, that enables mobile payments functionality for all CareCredit cardholders and providers. The number of unique visitors to the CareCredit mobile website are up 59% year-over-year. Developed to address this rise in mobile engagement by CareCredit customers, this latest offering continues a commitment to provide secure mobile payment options for whichever digital wallet customers and providers choose.

The digital card, successfully piloted in 2014 with a number of Synchrony Financial retail partners, allows cardholders to access a digital version of their CareCredit healthcare credit card on their mobile device, eliminating the need to bring their card with them at the time of care. This is particularly convenient for existing CareCredit cardholders who account for nearly half of all CareCredit purchase volume. The digital card is seamlessly integrated into CareCredit’s existing mobile servicing site which allows cardholders to easily service their accounts on mobile devices.

The digital card is device agnostic and does not require any new hardware or mobile application download, providing flexibility and ease-of-payment through any accepted mobile wallet or existing point of sale method. The digital card establishes a secure customer enrollment and authentication process and offers unique mobile device provisioning. After the initial set-up, the digital card is accessible by simply entering a PIN chosen during the enrollment process.

CareCredit and Synchrony Financial strive to be at the forefront of mobile payments technology, committed to working with all third-party digital wallets, including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, MCX (CurrentC), and others. Earlier, Synchrony Financial had announced that all CareCredit cards, including the 9 million active accounts accepted at more than 186,000 healthcare practices, will be capable of being provisioned for the Samsung Pay mobile wallet. This preserves the benefits and features available on CareCredit cards in a secure mobile wallet environment. Mobile payment applications are locked by PIN and password, and all CareCredit card accounts in Samsung Pay will be device-specific and domain-restricted tokens, meaning they will only work in the provider’s location, providing additional security.