Cashless India: Seeing the Vision for Financial Inclusion Come True - Part 1

The move toward a cashless India is important for several reasons. What are some of the initiatives taking place in the background that will make cashless a reality for India?

Cashless India has become quite the buzzword over the past fortnight since the demonetization move was announced. The move toward a cashless India is important for several reasons. India is one of the most cash-intensive economies in the world, and the heavy dependence on cash has several pitfalls for the Indian economy. The much talked-about pitfall has been the existence and growth of a black economy, where large chunks of money in the Indian economy are neither accounted for nor taxed. A heavy cash dependence has also meant that despite large budgetary sanctions through many decades of planning and five-year plans, the intended money has not reached the intended beneficiaries. Cash dependence also costs the Reserve Bank of India and commercial banks a huge expense annually just in currency operational costs.

Making India cashless is not an easy objective to meet. It has been almost a decade since I have been tracking the mobile payments space, and occasionally blogging and presenting on new developments in this space. In September 2 ...

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