Can We Expect to See a Cashless Society in 2017?

The year 2017 will be a momentous year in the world of cashless payments. Next year, the world’s first Amazon Go food store will open – with no tills, irritating queues or occasionally unpleasant cashiers. All purchases will be made using a dedicated mobile app which, incidentally, the developers say will be free. How does it work? Each customer is assigned a personal QR-code that has to be activated on the way in. Special sensors then track the products you take off the shelves and calculate the total cost. It is also possible to return purchases to the shelves, which is very convenient. The system will be tested first by the people of Seattle where the first Amazon Go store is set to open.

In 2016, cashless payment for any goods or services has become as natural as smartphones, laptops and morning coffee. Against the backdrop of rapid global development of Internet services, the growing volumes of digital transactions seem entirely logical and natural. Some countries are finding the transition quite straightforward and quick while others, on the contrary, are in no hurry to introduce cashless payments, simply out of fear of anything new. Interestingly, in the first group, both positive factors – ...

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