Cayan Expands Gift Card Program to Digital With Yiftee Partnership

Digital Gift Card Program Brings Branded Gift Cards to Email, Text and Twitter

BOSTON, MA- [Press Release] - Cayan, The Payment Possibilities Company™, announced its partnership with Yiftee Inc. to bring digital No Hassle Gift Cards to its merchants. The partnership means that any Cayan merchant can allow customers to text, email or even use Twitter to send gift cards from their desktops or mobile devices.

Yiftee's No Hassle Gift Cards allow people to send personalized, branded gift cards from the websites of their favorite merchants -- including small, independent retailers. The digital gift cards are delivered via Twitter, email or text, so they are always stored on consumers' mobile devices and easy to redeem. Recipients also receive monthly reminders of the gift and who sent it, encouraging them to visit a merchant's store or website to redeem the value. As a result, businesses can track the behavior of recipients to better evaluate and tailor promotions to ensure their gift programs are profitable.

"Yiftee's partnership with Cayan allows brick-and-mortar businesses to grow their customer base through digital purchases," said Lori Laub, Yiftee VP of Business Development. "Tools like digital gift cards can be powerful drivers to connect to customers, promote a brand and add traction to a loyalty campaign. By partnering with Cayan, we're now giving this option to more than 70,000 businesses."

Yiftee digital gift cards are easy for a merchant's customers to use. The purchaser simply goes to the merchant website, selects the option to buy a Yiftee, selects a recipient, chooses a gift, crafts a short note and immediately sends the digital card via text, email or Twitter.

Glacier Restaurant Group recently launched Yiftee for its brand MacKenzie River Pizza.

"We were anxiously awaiting a digital gift card solution," said Erica Terrell, Director of Marketing, Glacier Restaurant Group. "Cayan's partnership with Yiftee gives our customers the option to purchase a gift with instant delivery, in addition to traditional gift methods. In today's fast-paced market, our customers have quickly jumped on board with the Yiftee solution."

"Cayan is pushing the envelope on how to better serve our customers through technology," said Henry Helgeson, CEO, Cayan. "By bringing the gift card experience online through Yiftee, we're letting our customers take advantage of powerful e-marketing and loyalty programs while making the gift card experience simple for consumers. This use of technology will help businesses grow and find a competitive advantage in the marketplace."

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About Yiftee, Local Gifts, On-the-Go Yiftee ( is the award winning the no hassle gift card solution with no special technology or POS integration, no revenue-share, no discounting, and no special accounting. Merchants gain additional sales, foot traffic, and an eGifting capability like big retailers. Consumers, corporations, and merchants use the Yiftee mobile and online app to send thoughtful, unexpected gifts via Twitter®, email, and text. Recipients pick up their Yiftee gifts using their smartphone at their favorite local restaurants and shops, driving profitable business to those merchants.

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