CEO of Revel Systems Describes How They Drive Mobile-Led Business Transformation for Enterprises

LTP recently got the chance to talk to Lisa Falzone, Co-Founder and CEO of Revel Systems. Revel Systems, for those of you who don’t know them, is an iPad point-of-sale platform startup. They have 310 employees at present and are growing fast. They have already deployed a large number of terminals and this number is growing very rapidly as well; a 10%-growth month-over-month as per the company. They also closed a $100-million funding round earlier this year. Taking about their offerings and the recent tie-up with Apple, she said:

Apple wanted more iPads and iPad POS in the market and they developed the Enterprise Mobility Program and Revel System was chosen as an enterprise mPOS solution and we are going to market that with Apple to sell it together. Apple will market our product inside Apple stores.

Commenting on Android based systems Android tablets and other alternatives weren’t available when we started the company. Also, there is such a big demand for iPad in the US that everyone wants it. Mostly we will go to Android for less expensive price point but a couple of hundred dollar savings doesn’t really change the needle point for us especially when we are charging 2-3 grands for the product"

Commenting on the growing importance of APIs in payments and how they do it We have an open API platform that we can integrate with whatever the next generation payment system will be.

Revel Systems had introduced a security enhancement to its iPad point-of-sale (POS) system recently. The Revel Ethernet Connect™ cabled solution that provides wired Ethernet connectivity, allowing enterprises to utilize a wired, always-on Ethernet connection to power their Revel iPad POS systems and achieve more secure and robust networking as an alternative to Wi-Fi. Speaking about that Lisa said The Revel Ethernet Connect Cabled Solution was built on the basis of the need that wireless POS are not being very stable. We also built it to make tablet POS more secured as far as transactions on wireless POS were concerned. It is really developed out of the problem seen in the marketplace and it is going to revolutionize the tablet point of sales. The Revel Ethernet Connect Cabled Solution will be optional for our clients

In a news update from the company:

Revel Systems, today announced that it is helping enterprise organizations offer faster, more efficient service, streamline operations and ultimately grow their businesses by leveraging Revel’s iOS and iPad-based Point of Sale solutions.

On Apple’s July 21, Q3 2015 conference call, the company’s CFO Luca Maestri mentioned that Apple is working with business software and solution providers, including Revel Systems, to bring innovative, iPad-based mobile solutions to a broad range of customers.

The iPad has consistently been the tablet of choice in enterprise settings and both Revel and Apple have seen a high interest from organizations looking to use iPads to transform how work gets done.

iOS and iPad have been the foundation of our Point of Sale platform from day one and we’re looking forward to introducing a rapidly growing audience of entrepreneurial business owners to our intuitive, secure solution, said Lisa Falzone, co-founder and CEO of Revel Systems. We’re excited to continue working with Apple to help drive mobile-led business transformation for our customers as they grow their businesses.

As an Apple mobility partner, Revel iPad Point of Sale platform includes complete front-end order entry, POS system and payment processing, back-end personnel scheduling, time clock and payroll, inventory management, comprehensive product/menu management and advanced reporting to successfully measure and optimize business performance. The company’s all-in-one systems are made to scale and can be implemented with any establishment, whether it’s a small business or a large enterprise.

Since its founding in 2010, Revel has a rich history of innovation on the iPad/iOS platform and has secured many industry firsts around Point of Sale technology, such as:

- Only system of its kind that can be specifically tailored across industries, including restaurants, retail, stadiums, grocery stores and other sectors.

- First iPad POS solution to accept Apple Pay technology

- First to send payment data through data port

- First to print directly from an iPad to a receipt printer

- First to offer a patent-pending, cabled Ethernet connection, enabling enterprises to utilize a secure wired, always-on Ethernet connection to power their Revel iPad POS systems and achieve more secure and robust networking as an alternative to WiFi

Additional key milestones include:

- Worldwide customer base: Deployed more than 10,000 Revel iPad Point of Sale terminals globally.

- Largest POS partnership: Joined forces with Intuit in the largest partnership in the point of sale space to elevate the merchant experience with a joint solution that automatically syncs sales, payments, inventory, CRM and payroll data to QuickBooks.

- Largest iPad Point of Sale deployment: Rollout of the largest deployment of iPad POS systems to date, across 700 Smoothie King Franchises Inc. stores worldwide. Smoothie King selected Revel’s technology for its infinite scalability and ability to streamline operations, from guest order entry and payment processing to inventory and back-end management and reporting.

- Strong financial backing: Secured $100 million in funding to bolster support and operations to meet fast-growing sales and high customer demand.