CEO of Revel Systems Describes How They Drive Mobile-Led Business Transformation for Enterprises

LTP recently got the chance to talk to Lisa Falzone, Co-Founder and CEO of Revel Systems. Revel Systems, for those of you who don’t know them, is an iPad point-of-sale platform startup. They have 310 employees at present and are growing fast. They have already deployed a large number of terminals and this number is growing very rapidly as well; a 10%-growth month-over-month as per the company. They also closed a $100-million funding round earlier this year. Taking about their offerings and the recent tie-up with Apple, she said:

Apple wanted more iPads and iPad POS in the market and they developed the Enterprise Mobility Program and Revel System was chosen as an enterprise mPOS solution and we are going to market that with Apple to sell it together. Apple will market our product inside Apple stores.

Commenting on Android based systems Android tablets and other alternati ...

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