Chart IQ Brings a Beautiful Interface to Finance

Stock trading is one of the oldest professions of our modern age, and many essential aspects of the tools and techniques of the trade can be distilled into their predecessors from nearly a century ago. As economies around the world becoming increasingly globalized, so have companies and IPOs around the world. The introduction of online stock market trading has shown how technology can evolve the art, but is that enough? Enter Chart IQ: an application startup looking to provide more innovative and efficient tools for stock market analysis, utilizing today’s technology. Chart IQ’s appeal can be found in three simple areas that, while easy to implement, many other charting and analysis tools overlook: design, accessibility, and efficiency through integration. Chart IQ bulldozes the competition with its sleek and attractive interface and charts, built for a mobile application available on web, iOS and Android, and integrated analysis, markup and sharing tools to complement.

It’s easy to see where this simple yet genius implementation stems from when taking a look at the team behind Chart IQ. Among its ranks are co-founders Dan Schleifer, former Senior Director of Corporate Marketing at Savo Group, and Terry Thorsen, founder of Automated Financial Systems. Looking at these two, it’s easy to see where the fintech backbone is, but Chart IQ’s beautiful design structure can be attributed to its third founder, graphic web & interface designer Megan Read. The team’s product obviously impressed many others aside from me, as they were able to raise $850,000 in a Series A funding round from Social Leverage and ValueStream Labs.

Chart IQ offers an expansive set of services for its customers, providing not only high quality data on equities, indices, stock quotes, currencies and forex, but also robust studies & a toolkit including over 80 technical indicators. Its drawing and annotation tools in combination with the refreshing style & display options allow for a simple, effective, and gorgeous layout that makes the work feel like fun. A big feature in the app is the ability to trade from an analysis chart from a broker of the user’s choice, and to top it all off, Chart IQ synchronizes all settings and views across all registered devices. All charts and information include support for US equities, 30 currency pairs, and use data from Yahoo finance.

A free trading simulator is also being offered by Chart IQ that allows anyone from freshly budding stock traders to prospective clients to take a crack at the market using Chart IQ’s tools within a virtual, zero-risk environment. With a plethora of useful tools presented in a gorgeous app, Chart IQ is sure to become a standard application for any prospering financial agency or enthusiast.