CheBanca! Launches the Digital Bridge in Partnership With MEDICI

Not even a month after its latest announcement, CheBanca! is honoring its promise to boost the Italian FinTech ecosystem by making it easier for the Italian startups to be matched with CheBanca!’s innovation priorities. This new initiative is called 'CheBanca! Digital Bridge.'

The Italian ecosystem has its own assets and challenges, and in collaboration with industry leaders, CheBanca! and MEDICI will be revealing the opportunities the Italian ecosystem presents. Moreover, in the following MEDICI Top 21 Awards, the LTP team will be paying special attention to the Italian startup ecosystem to reveal the A players offering the most innovative solution in the local market.

What is the CheBanca! Digital Bridge?

CheBanca! Digital Bridge is an online portal powered by MEDICI where FinTech startups can submit their company profile to the attention of the CheBanca!’s innovation leaders.

A monthly analysis will be done by CheBanca! with the help of MEDICI’s FinTech experts to identify potential cooperation opportunities in the growing pool of startups.

CheBanca! will be able to receive applications from 56 countries from MEDICI’s growing ecosystem of 6,000+ FinTech disruptors.

How does CheBanca! Digital Bridge work?

FinTech Startups can apply directly from the CheBanca! Digital Bridge page on MEDICI. Once the application is completed, every startup will receive a USD500 monetary reward to publish their story on the #1 website for FinTech insights, The story will be shared with more than 80,000 FinTech professionals worldwide, giving them global visibility and exposure.

With regard to the established partnership, Nicolò Petrone who is managing MEDICI operations in Europe, said, I strongly believe that in this fast-pacing environment, financial institutions should be much closer more often closer to the emerging startup ecosystem. Running awards, hackathons and competitions are all great initiatives, but they do not allow continuity in the innovation discovery process. CheBanca! Digital Bridge will turn CheBanca! into a 24/7 innovation machine that will be actually able to foresee a business case that will be worthy of attention.


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