China Is Home to the Largest FinTech Unicorns in the World

Out of 27 FinTech unicorns spread around the world, 14 are from the US, 8 from China and 5 from the rest of the world. While attention is mostly paid to Western innovators, China consolidates the most financial power even with fewer representatives – China-based unicorns are worth over $96 billion in valuation. For comparison, America’s unicorns’ valuation is at $31 billion and the ROW – $11.5 billion. No region is anywhere close to China with its power team BAT (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent) – the GAFA of the East.

Not only have China’s FinTech unicorns beat every other region in valuation, the four largest unicorns in the world are all Chinese (Ant Financial: $60 billion, Lufax: $18.5 billion, JD Finance: $7 billion and Qufenqi: $5.9 billion). Some professionals

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