Chinese E-commerce Giant poised to adopt Biometric Security for M-payments

Alipay, the online payment service by alibaba, recently announced collaboration with Huawei to bring mobile payments using fingerprints as verification. The new biometric enabled payment service would firstly be launched on Huawei’s upcoming smartphone Ascend Mate 7 which is embedded with the fingerprint sensor and would be debuting at IFA 2014 later this week. Alipay had also started the fingerprint authentication service on Samsung Galaxy S5.

A simple swipe on the biometric sensor would enable the user to make payments and conduct transactions using Alipay accounts. Alipay is also considering other phone models for its fingerprint based authentication system. Because of the government’s ban on QR code based payment service, Alipay is counting on the biometric based payment as an alternative. The People’s Bank of China had halted code scanning payments citing reasons that it is closely linked to consumer’s personal information and assets security.

To make the service more effective, Huawei would be using a specific type of technology from preventing third-party apps to read the user’s fingerprints. With handset makers like Apple and Samsung promoting fingerprint sensors, even brick-&-mortar banks in China are looking forward for its commercial use. Tencent is also looking forward to integrating fingerprint payment into its instant messaging app WeChat.

Alipay users can find the biometric feature in the Alipay Wallet app which currently has over 100 million users. Huawei will provide a chip-level security for the Mate 7 which would enable fingerprint data to be stored on the phone in encrypted form. Huawei will use high-level encryption and verification to ensure that on ...

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