A close look at top 100 US Retailers and Mobile Payments Adoption

You would have heard many 'experts' say that collaboration amongst Banks, Tech eco-system, Carriers, Device makers and Retailers is the key to the Mobile Commerce kingdom (if that will ever be possible). I would, in a way, disagree. I would actually want the focus of the industry (and best minds) on Retailers to see Mobile Commerce really taking off. Some people might not like this but here is why I say so...

Banks are the source of funds, technology firms/Startups the source of innovation to a large extent, Carriers/Device Makers are the source of mobility, but Retailers/Merchants are the source of commerce and the commerce transaction. A close look at Starbucks and few others who have a great mobile commerce process throw a lot of insights to support my argument. Retailer has the key to the Mobile Commerce Kingdom because they have the primary touchpoint with the customer when she is making the purchase.

But most of the activity (and buzz) we saw till 2012 was in the other segments (Tech/Carriers/Startups). The adoption of Mobile Commerce has been slow in the past and this is one of the reasons. Retailer has a huge opportunity to influence the consumer and make mobile payments a part of her commerce experience. Ofcourse, mobility and source of funds are important and so is technology. But in the initial years I think the ball needs to start rolling really from the retailer end. We saw in 2013-14 that once Starbucks demonstrated success (14%+ tranx) and the secret sauce started becoming public, dozens of other foodchains and restaurants started rolling out their Mobile Commerce programs. By the end of this ...

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