Cloud Computing Platform BizCloud Integrates with BitPay to accept Bitcoin Payments

The leading edge provider of cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions – BizCloud – announced it will begin accepting Bitcoin payments with BitPay beginning May 2014. BizCloud is set to utilize Bitcoin for its hybrid, public and private cloud infrastructure solutions. BizCloud says that this move makes it one of the first cloud computing providers to jump on the BitWagon.

'We decided to accept Bitcoins to give both our domestic and international customers a quick and effortless alternative payment option, and also to support the technology that we believe will disrupt the financial industry in the coming years,' stated the Founder and CEO of BizCloud, Vahid Razavi, in a press release. 'Considering our role in the cloud computing space and our commitment to providing industry-leading technology to our customers, Bitcoin was a natural fit,' he added.

  • From the beginning, BizCloud has been focused on technology as well as cloud innovations to assist businesses.
  • Now by accepting Bitcoin payments, the company seeks to stay at the forefront of technology and play a significant role in this new digital economy.
  • Bitcoin can be utilized globally without any restrictions, unlike traditional payment methods.
  • This allows BizCloud to better serve its existing users as well as further extend its global client base.
  • BizCloud users can now easily purchase their cloud infrastructure solutions from the site, using Bitcoins.
  • Near instantaneous peer-to-peer transactions, with no intermediary banks or transaction fees, make Bitcoin a viable international payments alternative, according to the company.
  • BitPay was selected by BizCloud to enable seamless Bitcoin transactions on its website.
  • accepts Bitcoin payments for all Cloud Infrastructure Solutions (BizCloud® Private Cloud, BizCloud® Hybrid Cloud, and BizCloud® Public Cloud) without any additional cost.
  • The prices will be calculated according to the current Bitcoin rate at the time of purchase, says the company’s press release.

BizCloud is based in San Francisco, California, with offices in Europe and Asia. The company’s main focus lies in technology and cloud innovation to assist businesses.