Clover Releases New Payments System Integrating iBeacon and Apple Pay

Clover and its parent company, First Data, had been working with Apple to prepare for the launch of Apple Pay. Post the launch of Apple Pay, Clover has enabled its cloud-based point-of-sale platform to accept Apple Pay In-App payments. Clover recently did something unique at Bierhaus. It launched a first of its kind solution to integrate Apple Pay with iBeacon, using Estimote Beacons.

The new payments system launched at Bierhaus involves:

  • Use of the Bierhaus app to order and pay via Apple Pay.
  • Use of Clover’s cloud-based POS platform to provide support for the POS terminals. The platform would also enable developers to build apps to manage merchant operations.
  • Use of Bluetooth Low Energy beacons to know whether the user is in the store.

Several Estimote Beacons have been placed in and around Bierhaus. The core of Clover’s offering includes the POS terminals as hardware. Clover is additionally providing an end-to-end solution integrated with cloud and pre-loaded with a set of tools for quick setup. Clover also provides an app marketplace enabling users to upgrade their POS systems. Clover has also helped develop the Bierhaus app.

All a user needs to do is place an order through the app, complete the transaction using Apple Pay and upon entering the venue, the staff is notified of the user’s arrival via beacons and the order is delivered. This completely eliminates the need for a queue system. Clover is providing the Bierhaus app as an open source app so that other developers can build similar apps for merchants.

Here is an illustration of the Bierhaus app using Apple Pay:

The mobile payments ecosystem is expanding at an impressive rate and Clover itself is gaining a larger user base. Clover is taking initiatives to simplify developments and bring distribution synergies to both the merchant and the consumer side. With the use of iBeacon technology, Clover is incorporating advanced operational techniques such as powering loyalty.

This new payments system can promote new ways to shop with use of beacons, smarter POS platforms connected to the cloud and smarter devices. Apple Pay will empower this revolution as it brings support from banking institutions and simplifies transaction processes combined with strong security features.