Coinbase Introduces the First Bitcoin Debit Card in the US; What Does This Mean for Large-Scale Adoption?

Coinbase, one of the largest bitcoin wallet providers from Silicon Valley, has launched a Visa-branded bitcoin debit card called Shift Card. Even though the Shift Card is not the first bitcoin debit card, it is the first one that works with Coinbase accounts in the US.

The card was launched in partnership with Shift Payments, which allows getting a Visa card for $10 and paying with bitcoin everywhere with no fees (for now). The fees for usage will be charged only if the card is at an ATM ($2.50) or for international payments (3%), as stated on the official website of the card. Also, the card is available only in 24 states. A Coinbase account has a daily ATM withdrawal limit of $200 according to the official website.

Shift Payments offers an integration of all currencies in one card with a debit card as a key produ ...

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