In Collaboration with Bluesource, Vodafone Launches Mobile Wallet App for Loyalty Cards in Europe

On 8th May 2014, Vodafone entered into an agreement with Bluesource - an Austraian software company - to provide a Vodafone Wallet version of its ‘mobile-pocket’ app - one of the largest and most popular customer cards and shopping apps in Europe. Users can now electronically load all their plastic cards straight into Vodafone’s mobile wallet which is located on their phone.

  • This service is free of charge to use and will be placed within the Vodafone mobile wallet.
  • It will be progressively rolled out in countries where Vodafone has already launched its mobile wallet.
  • This begins with Germany, the Netherlands and Spain from this month with other countries expected to follow during the year.
  • The app, has been downloaded by over 1 Mn users.
  • It enables users to load their physical plastic cards onto their phone by either scanning or typing in the number.
  • Online templates already exist for a large number of loyalty cards from over 1,500 leading service providers.
  • This includes retailers, event organisers, transport companies and advertisers.
  • If a user can’t find the card they want, they can create a new template on their phone.
  • The app will fit inside the mobile wallet alongside Vodafone SmartPass, says the company.
  • Vodafone also expects to add several other virtual stored value cards, transport tickets and coupons from third-party service providers to its mobile wallet.

Our customers want to take advantage of as many club, retail and membership offers as possible, but the number of plastic cards often exceed the capacity of their physical wallets, stated Stefano Parisse, Group Consumer Services Director of Vodafone, in a press release. Vodafone’s mobile wallet, when used with the mobile pocket app, removes that problem by allowing a user to load a limitless number of loyalty cards directly onto their phone. Participating retailers also benefit since they will be able to send vouchers and special offers directly to the Vodafone mobile wallets of their regular customers.