Community Based Loyalty Program PatronAdvantage Launched by Preferred Market Solutions

On 1st July 2014, Preferred market Solutions announced the introduction of a new community based loyalty program called PatronAdvantage. This is a loyalty program spawned from a decade of loyalty marketing experience and technology, says the company’s press release, and now uniquely positioned for mass community rollout.

'We have all seen community discount cards being used throughout local communities by schools, churches and other civic organizations to help raise money or establish community good will. The inherent problem that has always plagued these programs is the inability to engage, both in store and out of store, with consumers who hold these cards, limiting the potential of these programs for the merchants', stated the Managing Member and CMO of Preferred Market Solutions, Brett Perlman, in a press release. 'With the new PatronAdvantage™ community loyalty program, participating merchants now have a sleek cloud based loyalty solution to track and reward their customers behavior as well as market to them through our automated promotion manager, helping to ensure the program's success and providing long term, quantifiable results,' he added.

  • The traditional Preferred Patron program is merchant sponsored.
  • However the new PatronAdvantage derivative enables merchants to participate in a community loyalty program completely free.
  • It also compensates for doing so!
  • Under this program, the merchant simply has to agree to the program terms and distribute rewards cards to consumers.
  • In return, they receive a state of the art loyalty program with free community based advertising exposure, says the company.
  • Consumers pay a nominal annual fee to participate in the program and receive enhanced privileges and perks from participating merchants in return.
  • Newly signed private label reseller -D'Lux Enterprises - was onboard with this program before earlier on.
  • They moved pretty fast with plans to introduce private labeled versions of this system to several communities throughout the US.

'Recently we created a company division called iLoyalty powered by Preferred Patron™, providing the merchant a complete platform for conducting an extremely profitable loyalty program', commented CEO of D'Lux Enterprises, Veronica Daponte, in the same release.

With the initial acquisition of 100,000 cards, iLoyalty's newest client iGulf Coast Club™ brings together over million current and potential members into a single community loyalty program throughout the Gulf Coast regions of Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi, states the release.

We have had an unprecedented amount of interest right out of the gate with this program,' added Brett. 'The future of community based loyalty programs has arrived and we are happy to be a driving force in its development into the mainstream.