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Last Update: 01/05/2020

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1Pay JSC was established in 2013 and has quickly become the leading Online payment company in Vietnam. 1Pay provides intermediate payment gateway for e-commerce and digital content enterprises. In September 2016, 1Pay officially launched the e-wallet project TrueMoney - a joint project between MOG Vietnam and Ascend Thailand. With the application of modern technology, along with intelligent systems and absolute security, the 1Pay platform is considered one of the best payment solutions in the market. Awards: FIRST PRIZE of Asia Demo competition 2013.Outstanding open platform with 6S values - Simple: Easy to use automatically. - Smart: full support to your bussiness through intelligent dashboard and tools. - Speed: high speed not only in system but also in payment. - Seductive: assist your business better than an business assistant. - Scale: easy to scale up. - Secure: secure by Geo TRUST.Hotline: +84.966.899.868

MEDICI Analysis

1Pay offers mobile payment platform that allows vendors and consumers to manage all their transactions from a single platform. It supports all payment method for all devices and application platforms.



SMS Charging, Card Charging, WAP Charging, SMSplus Charging, Bank Charging, Sub Charging, API OTP charging

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