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Last Update: 17/07/2020

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Billing System Corporation is engaged in providing payment and settlement solutions. The company offers its services at corporate level (B2B) and the personal level (B2C).



The company provides main services such as Storage agency, settlement agent, payment collection, Confirm payment, Large-scale payment service, Smartphone settlement, Pay B (Payy), Tablet POS solution, Multi-money payment reader for vending machines, Remittance service, Payment agency and finance 1. Storage agency, settlement agent, payment collection offers account transfer, direct debit online,responds to real-time withdrawal, payment slip settlement, convenience store settlement 2. Confirm payment allows real time payment confirmation (quick deposit) and work in conjunction with the bank's internet banking system, notify real-time transfer payment 3. Large-scale payment service offers collectively compile mandatory vehicle liability insurance premiums from property insurance agencies, automatic concentration of sales and funds of branches, branch offices, sales offices, sales people nationwide in the head office account 4. Smartphone settlement provide one-stop all kinds of smart settlement and wechat's payment on smartphone. Also enable up sales of customers of chinese travelers 5. Pay b (payy) allows to pay with smartphone, coupon with smartphone and shopping with smartphone. It allows payment slip, shop front, electronic catalog, donation, tickets, small member payment available in a wide range of fields, open internet shop easily, connect to pos register, eliminate cash register queue, attendance management, small member settlement, payment for various expenses such as nurseries and rationalization of labor-intensive administrative work etc. 6. Tablet pos solution is a stylish tablet pos that supports abundant peripheral equipment including credit card payment 7. Multi-money payment reader for vending machines offers a settlement solution for vending machines that realizes sales up that corresponds to electronic money, qr code, credit card settlement on one unit 8. Remittance service is offered on the day of hurry bank transfer, comprehensive transfer, salary transfer speedily, at low cost. It reduce fees for general transfer and salary transfer with easy operation 9. Payment agency allows paying for payment of public utilities such as electricity, water and gas, which takes time and effort all at once 10. In field of finance communicate accounts receivable collection information to finance companies, facilitate cash flow



Okabe Choei


Toshihiko Eda (Representative Director); Tomohiko Sumihara (Director); Masahiko Haga (Director)

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