LOCATION: United States
Last Update: 01/05/2020

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Welcome to virtual care for the experience economy. CirrusMD is an on-demand, text-first enterprise solution that connects people and doctors, simply and powerfully, with instant, no-barriers access to human experts who can always help.Health questions aren't always simple, so we built our solution to deliver guidance beyond primary care. Our multi-specialty team of experts work together 24/7/365 to support any care need, any time. From specialty and urgent care concerns to help finding the right in-network resources when you need them, we've ready to help.

MEDICI Analysis

CirrusMD offers mobile physician access though rich messaging and video chat. The CirrusMD platform enables patients to access their own doctors through rich messaging and video chat over mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, and the Internet. It is a part of Velocity Venture Capital's accelerator program.

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