Credit Insurance Direct

insurtechaggregators / policy management

STATUS: Acquired/Merged
LOCATION: South Africa
Last Update: 01/05/2020

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MEDICI Analysis

Credit Insurance provides an online service which allows users to receive free quotations from a wide range of insurers using one application form and with no obligation. This suits both small and large firms who wish to discreetly check market pricing or buy cover, with or without using a broker intermediary whilst saving up to 10% of the best premium quoted. UK Credit Insurance Specialists Ltd (UK Credit) is an independent specialist broker of credit insurance founded in 1988. The company was acquired by Henderson Insurance Brokers Ltd in 2009 and the management passed Credit Insurance Direct after the merging with the Trade Credit Insurance Division of OAMPS UK with UK Credit Insurance Specialists in 2013.



Online product which provides protection against bad debts for small to medium-sized businesses in the UK. Provides instant quotations online for SMEs based in the UK seeking protection against non-payment by customers in the UK and selected overseas countries.


Depends upon the risk of business is exposed to and the volume of turnover to be insured. The cost will vary depending on customers track record in terms of bad debts incurred, the nature of customers, trade sector and the level of excess prepared to accept.

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