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LOCATION: United States
Last Update: 01/05/2020

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Dragos exists to safeguard civilization. Our cybersecurity technology, services, & intelligence are focused on helping you secure industrial networks (ICS/IIoT)

MEDICI Analysis

The company is a cybersecurity startup which offers the ICS online solution, which monitors software, identifies & visualizes assets, detects threats, and provides intelligence-driven analytics to secure its clients' data and information.



The company's product offerings include: 1. Dragos Platform: It is a software which identifies & visualizes assets, and detects threats from multiple sources. 2. Dragos WorldView: It enhances ICS Cybersecurity, threat intelligence feeds, alerts, reports, briefings, and provides insights on targeting industrial control networks globally. It offers critical alerts, weekly reports, monthly webinars, and Quarterly Executive Threat Insight (ETI) reports. 3. Neighborhood Keeper: It is a collaborative threat detection and intelligence program that makes ICS threat analytics and data accessible to the greater ICS community. In addition to the above products, it also provides various services like: 1. Incident Response: It provides industrial responders and combines it with the ICS threat intelligence, and advanced threat detection as well as response tools in case of the discovery of a breach to an ICS environment. 2. ThreatView: Evaluates the visibility and defensibility of an ICS network and its related processes. 3. Training: Offers various courses to make security personnel more capable of operating in industrial environments.

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