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LOCATION: United Kingdom
Last Update: 18/10/2019

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Duco enables financial services firms to control complex data using light-touch, self-service technology. We are shaping the core of new, efficient operations with customers on the sell side, buy side and major service providers.We are a technology company. Duco traces its heritage to Computer Science research in natural language processing and highly parallel algorithms and retains strong connections to University College London.At Duco, complexity and simplification go hand in hand, and we pride ourselves on our simple interfaces that enable non-technical users to deal with masses of data in minutes.For more information email info@du.co or visit our website http://du.co/

MEDICI Analysis

Duco offers data engineering platform for financial services. The platform is used by businesses to reconcile various types of complex data



It offers a data analytics paltform Duco Cube, that levearges algorithms, artificial intelligence and a natural rule language to help users filter data and create matching rules. It also allows them to include various formats of data in their business processes like portfolio reconciliations, complex inter-company controls etc.

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