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Last Update: 01/05/2020

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GainX is the only software solution that allows companies to fully manage and predict the impact of their transformation before and during execution. Our responsive technology measures the real-time effect of transformation (whether digital, resource, M&A related, etc.) against revenue growth, overall risk, organizational health, portfolio returns, and the market. We combined AI, machine learning and advanced social and organizational network analysis to help businesses identify the variables that accelerate, or block, communication, and execution in their organization. This analysis allows companies to measure the strengths and capacity of individuals, teams, departments, business units, etc.GainX also maps talent gaps across the organization and predicts the delta between the digital talent available today versus what will be required in six months, one year, five years. The GainX platform fully aggregates data with other communication, HR, project management systems, CRM and finance systems to provide real-time visibility and accuracy - a single source of truth for real transformation and growth. Our Platform delivers unprecedented insights into a companys people and projects, allowing them to transform faster and more effectively. GainX ProjectsTM helps organizations manage complex, multi-million dollar strategic initiatives up to 85% faster and with 20 30% fewer resources. GainX PeopleTM enables resource, talent, and in-depth risk management in real time. GainX PossibilitiesTM lets companies assess and compare the performance of prospective initiatives (or potential acquisitions) before any money or resources are allocated. Curious? Let's talk about changing the world one business at a

MEDICI Analysis

GainX helps companies measure and achieve greater ROI on innovation strategy. GainX does benchmarking and cost analysis of innovation efforts, using AI and machine learning to identify talent gaps within large organizations, and offers predictive analytics to reduce the time and cost it takes for ideas to get to market. The platform has three fully integrated applications: Insight, Intellect and OpenThinking. Part of Microsoft Accelerator London, 2017.



Insights: benchmarking tool for action-focused insights; Intellect: offers a logical, agile structure for innovation. OpenThinking combines predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, semantic analysis and in-depth behavioural analytics to drive cultural change and improve innovation capacity.


Subscription based revenue model


Fortune 500s and Globa1000s in FSI


automotive and health. Some of the customers include CIBC

Royal Bank of Canada and University of California.

company provided insights



GainX expects revenues to top $10 million in 2017.

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