Gluay Gluay


LOCATION: Thailand
Last Update: 01/05/2020

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.com 1, 2+, 3+ 3 (Real-time) (Online) Gluay means banana, it is also well-known slang for easy when putting it GluayGluay. Thats how was born to make it easy for you. is an online comparison website. We are like a one-stop shopping center for cheap motor insurance in Thailand. At, customers are able to compare the coverage for their insurance products and at the same time, they can buy and save instantly.

MEDICI Analysis

Gluay Gluay is an online platform that compares the motor insurance from different insurance companies. It allows customers to compare the coverage for their insurance products. It also offers fleet insurances for business with five or more company vehicles.



Online auto insurance comparison platform. It helps users to compare and get quotes for motor insurance.

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