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LOCATION: United Kingdom
Last Update: 01/05/2020

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At HooYu, we are specialists in building database check and identity confirmation products and our platforms are used by millions of users each month. The team behind HooYu has built several successful database check businesses such as 192.com and 192business.com. Today, many organisations use our two platforms, HooYu Identify and HooYu Investigate to verify customer identity or to investigate people, places and businesses. HooYu Identify is a global identity confirmation service that blends and combine multiple identity technologies including social media and digital footprint analysis, identity document authentication, facial biometrics, database checks and PEPS and Sanctions watchlist checks to confirm identity.HooYu cross-references and analyses data from a persons digital footprint to confirm their real-world identity. HooYu also extracts and verifies data from ID documents at the same time as authenticating the ID document and conducting a biometric facial check comparing a selfie of the customer with the facial image on their ID document.HooYu Investigate is a ground-breaking investigation platform that instead of displaying results in traditional list format, shows results in a graph database. With our unique data visualisation technology, we have evolved traditional database search into a navigable graph which connects 180 million people, 14 million businesses, 32 million UK addresses, 57 million phone numbers and 18 million email addresses. More at https://hooyubusiness.com/

MEDICI Analysis

HooYu is an identity verification platform that confirms a customer's identity by analyzing their digital footprint. It helps to create a new approach to identity verification, it is a global identity platform that can quickly and automatically verify customers from all over the world.

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David Pope


Keith Marsden (CEO)

Terry Parsons (CTO)

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