Mama Money

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LOCATION: South Africa
Last Update: 18/10/2019

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Mama Money is a rapidly growing, innovative, tech company and the worlds first Social Business Money Transfer Operator.Mama provides an easy, safe and low-cost way for foreign nationals to send money home to support their families. Our mobile application is easy-to-use and allows our customers to send money to their loved ones through a vast payout network that's continuously expanding. Rather than looking at profit-maximisation, Mama aims to directly assist people who dont earn a lot by lowering the cost of cross-border payments. Mama Money was built to help African and Asian expats who left their homes and communities in search of better opportunities. Social upliftment through financial inclusion is the core belief of Mama Money and this drives us to keep growing and innovating. We have plenty of new job vacancies available so be sure to follow our page for regular updates. Mama is always on the lookout for individuals who want to make a positive impact on this world through meaningful work. Come and join the family!

MEDICI Analysis

Mama Money is an online remittance platform where it transfers money from South Africa to Zimbabwe. It allows users to help families send and receive money anyplace, anytime, at a socially fair price, by mobilizing cost-saving technology.

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Raphael Grojnowski

Mathieu Coquillon

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