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Last Update: 17/07/2020

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MobilePay is an app providing payment solutions through mobile.



MobilePay allows to be integrated into the cash register, in the payment terminal or in the vending machine, so payment is quickly transferred and approved with a single swipe in the app. It also allows payment up to $ 250 from locked screen by keeping close the phone to the payment terminal. Payment is done by holding mobile to the payment terminal or MobilePay box, scanning the QR code If have Bluetooth enabled, and the amount will automatically enter the app or one can scan the QR code. Besides payment app for retail customers, MobilePay also offers other products for business purposes as : MobilePay MyShop , MobilePay Point of Sale, MobilePay Online, MobilePay AppSwitch, MobilePay Invoice, MobilePay Payout and MobilePay Subscriptions 1) MobilePay MyShop allows receiving and managing payments by creating a new payment location and getting a 5-digit MobilePay number. The app allows creating payment link and QR codes that can easily be sent to customers or used in the store. Customers can enter 5-digit number and the app turns your phone into a payment terminal. 2) MobilePay Point of Sale Let customers pay with the mobile in the vending machine, at checkout or at the payment terminal. With MobilePay integrated into your payment system, Keep your mobile phone to the payment terminal or MobilePay box or scan the QR code - in vending machines, you always scan the QR code and make the payment. Business must have an agreement with the provider of the payment system for which it want to integrate MobilePay - ie. Either cash supplier, terminal supplier or the vendor of vending machine. 3) MobilePay Online is mobile payment in your online store that allows the customer to complete a purchase without entering card information. The solution works with Dankort, Visa / Dankort, MasterCard, VISA or VISA Electron. Customer enters his MobilePay mobile number on payment in online store, accepts payment on his mobile and amount is deducted from the card that the customer has attached to MobilePay. 4) MobilePay AppSwitch allows integrating MobilePay as a form of payment into company's app The customer can complete a purchase without entering card information. Customer is shopping in business’s app and choose to pay with MobilePay and app switch to MobilePay or customer makes payment in MobilePay in the usual manner. 5) MobilePay Invoice allows to Bill your customers through MobilePay. Integrate MobilePay invoice In your finance system and send the bill directly to the MobilePay user. The customer is notified directly that an invoice is ready for payment. The invoice itself can be viewed in PDF format by pressing "View Bill". After payment, the customer receives a receipt. 6) MobilePay Payout, allows to pay debts to your private customers directly through MobilePay. It needs only the customer's name and phone number to send a payment to the customer. The customer will immediately receive payment using a known payment solution. 7) MobilePay Subscriptions allows subscription payments with MobilePay. Customers connect MobilePay to their subscription. The business can add a "Pay with MobilePay button" on website - Customers who have connected MobilePay to their subscription can easily pay for other goods or services (eg purchase of additional data) .


The company generates revenue by charging commisssion fee.


Retail customers




The company is in partnership with banks like Basisbank

Danske Bank

Nykredit Bank

Salling Bank


Skjern Bank




Lollands Bank

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