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Last Update: 22/10/2019

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Large B2C organizations that play a big part in people's lives such as banks, insurers, mobile operators and retail chains do very little these days to engage with the vast pool of existing customers. Significant marketing budgets spent on new customer acquisition disappear into a marketing wasteland; leaving existing customers unengaged and their revenue potential unexplored.In order to meet this need of fast moving and ever changing customer behavior, the convergence of loyalty and marketing technologies focused on customer engagement is a must.Pioneering and leading this approach Perx Technologies provides a fully integrated Customer Data and Loyalty SaaS platform that enables organizations of all sizes to monetize on customer engagements by creating personalized interactive revenue-generating digital experiences for millions of end consumers.With Perx, marketing teams experience a dramatic productivity boost by reducing campaign-to-market timelines from months down to a few minutes.Enterprises engage over 50 million end consumers daily on the Perx Platform, last-mile customer engagements by up to 12x, and most importantly, measuring real time campaign ROIs.Perxs machine learning algorithms turn raw and unstructured customer data into useful marketing insights. The intelligence built into the platform can identify customer segments that have higher propensity to make a purchase decision on a product or service, customer segments who respond best to promotions or rewards, customer lifestyle attributes and their corresponding brand affinities, and so on.Trusted by the likes of AXA, Digi Telecom, Prudential, DBS, Central Group, UOB, Sephora among others, the Perx Platform is the solution of choice for some of the top brands globally.

MEDICI Analysis

Perx is a provider of a mobile customer engagement and loyalty platform. It offers a platform that enables business users to improve their customer lifecycle management problems by helping them to acquire, engage and reward their consumers offline and online with predictive insights.



Perx Platform comes with the solutions such as: Perx Insights: A dashboard to create, test, track, and measure campaigns in one single view including consumer journey, audience segments, campaign KPIs among others. Perx Merchants: It allows internal business units and external merchant partners to enable their incentive, promotion and reward campaigns with a real time dashboard. Perx Gamification: It allows their marketing campaigns to covert into gamified customer experiences which helps them to deliver their messages in a more engaged and fun manner. Perx E-Wallet: It enables in-app payments for customers to monetise all forms of stored credit vouchers, gift cards, points etc. Perx Geo: It allows them to Improve results by matching their campaign’s context to customer’s geo-specific location.


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