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LOCATION: United States
Last Update: 01/05/2020

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Romit is a bank agnostic wallet and payment gateway platform for the $2T card-not-present merchant acquiring banking industry. The Romit Merchant Suite stops chargebacks, eliminates fraud, increases revenue and makes customers happy! CHARGEBACKS: Romit's chargeback solution has taken merchants with an average of 1.2% chargebacks / month to .0079%. By stopping fraud and automating customer service, Romit reduces chargebacks by 90%. SUBSCRIPTIONS: Romit allows merchants to customize subscription plans for each customer. Romit combines subscriptions with automated customer support to ensure merchants increase revenue and maintain happy customers. Romit's Customer Wallet enables users to: - Store credit cards securely - View all transactions - Communicate with merchants

MEDICI Analysis

Romit allows users to send cash around the world. Its payment technology allows customers to pay merchants in digital currency while using their credit card. Romit remittance software uses blockchain technology to facilitate cheap, instant transfers of cash without making customers deal with bitcoin themselves.



Romit provides a payment processing tool that can send cash around the world. It is a bank agnostic wallet and payment gateway platform, where the customers can send to or receive money from any Romit Cashier location: Kiosks, ATMs or Cash-tellers.




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