insurtechiot-preventive insurance/telematics

LOCATION: United States
Last Update: 17/12/2018

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Instead of purchasing costly new devices and paying even more to have them installed, Roost empowers easy and inexpensive do-it-yourself upgrades to existing smoke alarms. There are no new smoke/CO alarms to purchase. No unnecessary control panels. No bulky hubs to hide. Connect the Roost Smart Battery to your home Wi-Fi network, replace the existing 9V battery in your smoke alarm with Roost and immediately receive emergency alerts on your smart phoneno matter where you are. Now that's smart. Roost is a start-up technology company headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA. Roost has developed a unique, patent-pending connected platform that delivers the ultimate in installation simplicity and the most affordable way for consumers to enter the smart home space. Learn more at

MEDICI Analysis

Roost is an insurtech company that offers telematics solution for home. It transfers smoke alarms into smart alarms and a smart water leak & freeze detector. It helps insurance carriers to reduce claims cost by directly deploying these solutions to their policyholders. It directly sends notifications to the user'ssmartpphones in case of alarms.



Roost product offerings include smoke alarm, leak detector and garage door sensors that can be easily connected with the WiFi and user's smartphone. The sensors can trigger notifications to the user's smartphone, thereby enabling them to act faster and mitigate the situation.


Retail Home owners

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