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SQREEM TechnologiesThe first thing everyone asks, why or how are you different? Our data acquisition capability, combined with our resilient, proprietary architecture are the most significant differentiators from other companies.Over the past five years, the technology platform has been used in very different ways. We have collected and mapped more than 3 billion global consumer behaviors; analyzed those purchase patterns. We have captured and or worked with 60% of the major banking and insurance clients in Singapore and to a lesser degree in other parts of Asia. Our current clients and partners like CitiGroup, HSBC, UBS, Aviva, Axa, Prudential, Maybank, OCBC, Guardian Life, KPMG, and many others, are proof what we do is real. We have demonstrated to them that we bring rapid and accurate results for about one third or less of the cost of competing technologies. * Over the past two years, we identified over $14 billion USD in illicit transactions, with virtually ZERO false positives, for the worlds largest private bank.* For Japans top three insurers, and the UKs largest insurer, we used our global DMP, together with our anomaly detection capabilities, to identify risk behavior, segments and attributes to be used towards more optimal customer targeting and underwriting practices. * For US Fed Law Enforcement, we identified and mapped formerly unknown anomalies, dual-use entities and commercial/black-market/illicit NGO activity run by known and previously unknown terrorist networks that were disseminating propaganda focused on acquiring a domestic support-base and homegrown sympathizers.* In the digital advertising space, we have built an all-in-one, programmatic, end-to-end advertising management platform that optimizes ads in real-time and can be tied into any CRM. * Outcome: We compress weeks to minutes and dollars to pennies compared to the way most traditional digital advertisers and agencies do it today.

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Sqreem has built a proprietary cognitive artificial intelligence engine to analyze the people's digital footprints and behavior to predict which products and services they're most likely to want. Sqreem collects large data from different points under security regulations and synthesizes them into a coherent model providing insights on relationships of people, place, events, and the connection of the time and space between them. Sqreem offers financial firms with pattern detection and predictive analysis software to identify illicit financing, anti-money laundering (AML), threat anticipation, and internal fraud/abuse. Recently, the company won Citi tech challenge award for 2017 program.



AI powered behavioral intelligence platform for various industry enterprises.


The company has customers from wealth management

financial services

insurance and other industry firms. Some of the clients Wells Fargo



Guardian Life

HSBC Bank & Insurance



and Ogilvy Advertising.

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