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Last Update: 01/05/2020

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Vayyar Imaging is a global leader in 4D radar imaging technology, providing highly advanced sensors to a wide variety of industries and the first to close the gap between the robustness of radars and the resolution of LiDAR. Vayyar started with a vision to develop a more effective way of detecting early-stage breast cancer using radio frequency technology. As our technology matured, we created new opportunities including automotive, smart home, robotics, retail, RF testing and medical. Our intelligent sensors can see through walls and objects and track and map everything happening in an environment in real-time. Unlike other products that rely on cameras and optics, Vayyars sensors do not collect any optic data, protecting users privacy at all times.Our state-of-the-art chip covers imaging and radar bands from 3-81Ghz, with up to 72 transceivers in each chip and an integrated high-performance DSP. Vayyars multi-antenna sensor can produce unprecedented levels of accuracy, enabling high resolution 4D point-cloud images. Sensors work in any environmental conditions and are unaffected by line-of-sight, lighting and weather conditions, so they monitor even in times when cameras cannot. Our sensors are low-cost and multi-functional, offering an affordable sensing solution for a variety of applications. Vayyars mission is to continue expanding the potential of consumer radar, so we can deliver the next generation of sensing technology that is miniature, affordable and versatile enough to impact everyones lives.

MEDICI Analysis

Vayyar offers 3D imaging sensors that enable users to track things even without a camera. The sensors can differentiate between objects and people, determine location while mapping large areas, and create a 3D image of the environment. By using wideband radio waves, the sensor can penetrate different types of materials and operate in every weather or lighting condition.



The sensors can be used for various applications like detecting health conditions of a user in the house, water leakages, and track multiple people in large areas. The sensors shoot a radio wave into a solid object and measure all the ways the wave bounces around as soon as it hits the objects. It then collects the reflections and analyzes them, and creates a 3D image in real time.

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