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LOCATION: United States
Last Update: 01/05/2020

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MEDICI Analysis

Whister is an AI based real time employee surveillance platform which helps organizations or companies to remove the problematic communications which are happened by emails, IMs or phone calls. It uses artificial intelligence and proprietary analytics to it's platform to monitor all employee communications in real time, enabling in-the-moment training and control along with deep analytics of company culture, communications risk and employee sentiment.



Whistler digital behavior analytics platform monitors and analyzes the every incoming and outgoing communication happens inside the office premises. It helps organization by providing them deep analytics, management reports and communication controls of the employees. It's monitoring & analytics solution runs all over the time in the background for monitoring and analyzing the enterprise’s emails, IMs, phone calls as well as encrypted apps and on social media. It's AI based engine identifies problematic communications on an individual or group level. It's HR solutions helps organizations to create healthy work environment and boost company morale by eliminating the possibility of toxic workplace communications.


PetroChina Americas,Mercuria Energy group,Concord,Noble Group

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