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LOCATION: United Kingdom
Last Update: 01/05/2020

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Were Zego. We provide 21st century insurance solutions for new enterprise.Insurance hasnt changed in more than a century. But the ways that we live, work and travel have. We share our vehicles. We mix and match flexible jobs. We demand solutions at the tap of a button. Traditional, annual insurance policies cant keep up with our ambitions. One size no longer fits all.Welcome to Zego. Insurance made flexible. Simple. Better.We give customers top-of-the-range, custom products to explore the full potential of their entrepreneurial spirit. For everyone from carpenters to corporations, Zego delivers more than just insurance. We provide peace of mind and flexibility for changing circumstances, with solutions fit for the modern world.

MEDICI Analysis

Zego is a global insurtech business providing flexible commercial insurance for businesses & professionals



Zego provides an online platform to purchase on-demand car/motorbike insurance to the delivery drivers. Users can get them insured for the time they are delivering the goods/products. Zego offers insurance on per hour basis and starts its premium from £0.65 per hour. Both the vehicle and the riders are insured. Both SD&P (Social, Domestic and Pleasure) and H&R (Hire and Reward) insurance is available.

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