Comprehensive Sending Experience via Xoom’s Upgraded Money Transfer App

On 13th May 2014, digital money transfer giant – Xoom – announced a major upgrade to their application that enables users to sign up and transfer cash to family as well as friends instantly and not only to existing recipients as was the case before the update.

Previously, Xoom users could only send cash to their existing recipients. Xoom’s updated app enables senders to sign up and transfer cash with just a few simple steps, even if he is a first time user. This is in addition to any existing recipients utilizing Android or iOS devices.

  • To send to new recipients, users must provide information about how much to send, recipient details as well as method of payment.
  • Just like that your money is on the way!
  • The Xoom App enables its users to finish a 'Quick Send' within a matter of seconds to their existing recipients.
  • This is done in as a 'one tap and one swipe' performance.
  • Xoom has processed $1.5 Bn in mobile volume over the year which ended 31st March 2014, stated the company in a press release.
  • 45% of Xoom transactions were sent via mobile devices in Q1 of 2014.
  • Xoom offers customers a Spanish-language experience on its App, desktop and mobile sites and via Xoom's 24-hour customer care center.
  • Its users can also utilizee the App in order to track the status of their money transfer.
  • Other key features of the Xoom App include the ability to check exchange rates and review Xoom's low fees.
  • Users can also access links to other Xoom services as well as contact customer service.

'The App upgrade presents a tremendous opportunity for Xoom. In keeping with our mission of creating a seamless customer experience across our platform, our upgrade will make it faster and easier for new users to send money for the first time directly from the Xoom App, a major step forward for our mobile offering, stated the VP of Product at Xoom, Joe Raymond, in a press release. We believe this enhanced customer experience will make it even easier for new users to send money to friends and family, he added.