Crossing the FinTech Horizon: What Lies Beyond?

Over the years, there has been an evolution in terms of how banks have perceived FinTech startups. While FinTechs were initially viewed as a threat to the larger banking sector, over time, an understanding came about that being in partnership with the other is the only way to grow. In recent years, banks and FinTechs have increasingly collaborated to bring innovations to the market, impacting millions of lives. Such services significantly impact the socioeconomic development of a country. Learning from this, investors and financial institutions have been eyeing startups that are ‘Beyond FinTech’ and those which focus on areas that are making an impact in the movement of goods/services across key economic sectors (agriculture/health/real estate/energy among others).

The scope of what is referred to as ‘Beyond FinTech’ extends to a ...

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