Cybersecurity – An Imperative Responsibility & Competitive Advantage for Banks of All Sizes in 2017 & Beyond

With cyberattacks costing global businesses around $500 billion per year, it is no wonder that cybersecurity is expected to become one of the hottest industries. Certain estimates suggest that the global cybersecurity market will grow to ~$170 billion by 2020, with North America and Europe remaining the top cybersecurity markets and the APAC region quickly emerging as a major market for cybersecurity interests.

In the last five years, the financial industry has been the top target for cybercriminals with IT and telecom, defense, and the oil and gas sectors following behind. Security analytics, threat intelligence, mobile security and cloud security are expected to see the most significant growth.

Explaining the reason for a rapid growth of this industry, Hemanshu Nigam, Founder and CEO of SSP Blue, an advisory firm for on ...

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