Cynovo makes Advancements in Development of Next Generation Payment Hardware

Cynovo Inc. is a known player to the dynamic payment industry, acting as a constant innovator in development og next generation payment hardware. It has gained a strong market position in advanced mobile payment devices and solutions with unparalleled online transaction security. Cynovo provides Android-based mobile payment and point-of-sale (POS) hardware systems, along with the online payment gateway platform that connects to backend secure clouds. Its devices have been certified by China UnionPay and EMVCo. for MSR, EMV, and NFC functions.

The vertical applications, provided as an add-on by Cynovo, include loyalty card services, restaurant food self-ordering services, over-the-counter financial banking tabletop, and shopping mall cash registers. It has been an ODM for a number of leading companies in hospitality and retail industries in the US. Cynovo product portfolio now includes its new Kivvi (TM) series products, including PAR10, PAR10M, and PAR7, equipped with payment gateway connectivities.

PAR10 is a tabletop terminal developed for large and small business users to make and receive payments. It has integrated multiple payment methods including MSR, EMV, NFC and I/O expandability. It provides the merchants with functions including product display, browse & order, staff management, sales data management, and loyalty membership card management. In addition, for shopping malls, chain stores, and other enterprise-level users, the product can support the data mining and precision marketing of ERP and CRM. PAR10 also provides custom versions equipped with dual display and identity card reader.

PAR10M, a thin, portable tablet POS product, is designed for insurance, direct sale, and other impulsive purchase. PAR10M has enhanced the battery life and mobile communications methods (Wi-Fi, 3G Bluetooth) and embedded barcode scanner to support mobile online checkout and payment.

The 7-inch PAR7, integrated with MSR, EMV, NFC, and barcode scanning module, is a more portable handheld lightweight tablet, with the optional thermal printer. It greatly enhances the ease of manageability business operations. Currently, PAR7 is mainly used in bars, fast food stores, and retail stores.