Daily Review: Baidu – The Emerging Behemoth of the Financial World

Baidu has an unfair advantage over any international counterpart. It’s a legacy technology company in the largest consumer market in the world, which translates into an ownership over an asset that underlines the leadership in at least two worlds – the financial services industry and the world of AI. That asset is data. It was only a matter of time when Baidu took formal steps towards leaving a footprint in the FinServ industry, and now, the search giant is sourcing funds to establish its own financial unit.

Pick #1. Chinese Search Engine Baidu Is Raising $2 Billion to Take on Alibaba & Tencent in Financial Services

Chinese search engine Baidu is seeking new investors for its wholly-owned finance unit, in a deal that could fetch up to $2 billion and deepen its push into financial serv ...

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