Danish Startup Wallmob, Raised $1.2 Mn for its POS Solutions

Wallmob was founded in August 2012 and their management team includes Ken Villum Klausen (CEO), Rasmus Taulborg Hummelmose (CTO) and Stefan Avivson (CSO). The company has received a total funding of $1.2 Mn through Seed Round in August 2013. Their clients include Danish Red Cross, L’oreal, Koe & Juice and among others.

WALLMOB’s POS is built on a new platform that has been developed to meet business demands to optimize sales and earnings. The company says it also improves the shopping experience as well as customer loyalty. The Wallmob POS integrates with multiple payment methods such as mobile payments, various wallets, apps and e-Commerce.

This video gives you an overview of Wallmob mPOS:

Wallmob provides 2 solutions – Retail and Enterprise

Enterprise Solution:

  • Dashboard overview: Gain full insight with live sales monitoring on the included dashboard. The customized KPI's on the dashboard make it possible to monitor all operational POS systems and keep track of all your data.
  • Color Examples: You can get your iPad stand in any color you want and even with your logo on it, to match your store inventory and create a more complete location. Try out a few below.
  • Inventory Management: The Wallmob Backoffice helps you keeping your inventory fully up to date and offer great tools of updatng your stock.
  • User Administration: Manage existing users and easily create new employees from your backoffice.
  • Multiple Locations: With the flexibility and mobility of the Wallmob solution, you never have to worry about locations again.

Retail Solution:

Focus on Customer: The Wallmob Point of Sale let's you focus on what really matters, the customer. With this intuitive and state of the art solution, you finally get a system that works so well, that you can allocate you full attention to actually making the sale.

Your Products: As a retailer the one most important thing besides your customers, is your products and inventory. The Wallmob Point of sale along with the backoffice, gives you the power to not only manage your inventory, but also optimize your sales and turnover.

Mobile Payments: With the mobility of the Wallmob solutions, there is no place you cannot go and no business you can't explore. The mobile payments gives you the freedom you have been waiting for.

Pin Entry: Every modern retailer needs a secure and intuitive payment method. With the pin entry device provided with the Wallmob Retail solution you do not only get the perfect payment method, but also an easy access to you inventory, right from the device.

The company recently introduced its new mobile point-of-sale specific iPad stand that’s designed to combine the best of both portability and centralized installation of hardware.

This video shows you all about the Wallmob POS Stand:

We have by far exceeded our own expectations to the stand, and all production facilities are running on maximum capacity, said CEO Ken Villum Klausen. 90% of all our POS clients have pre-ordered the stand, and we believe that the stand will help retailers adopt mobile POS much easier.